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New slideshow: Sao Paulo Graffiti

Photo by Rob Verger

Photo by Rob Verger

I’m pleased that a slideshow of my photographs focused on the spectacular graffiti found in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was published by World Hum last week. Click on the picture to view the show, and enjoy.

Back to Brazil

Next week I’ll be headed back to Brazil for 10 days, visiting my girlfriend and her family in their home of Sao Paulo. I’m excited to hang out in the biggest city in the Southern Hemisphere for a while. Last time I was there I took these pictures, and despite the fact that Rio is considered by many to be the most beautiful Brazilian city and a top tourist destination, and Sao Paulo is seen as more of a sprawling, industrial megalopolis, I think S.P. is a pretty dynamic, vibrant, amazing place. Here’s a picture of a bridge under construction there (it’s now completed):

Here’s the same structure, up close:

This next one is a flower growing near the coast of Sao Paulo state:

Finally, this from a rainy day in January in the city:


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